Trip through Northern Argentina and Paraguay – Day 13

30 August 2017 – Ituzaingó –Posadas Back on the move

The plan for today was to drive slowly from Ituzaingó to Posadas, stopping/visiting on the way an area in Ituzaingo known as the Zanjón de Loreto, another place on the road (a sanctuary)  called Bahía de Carayá and to stop off at a Caiman Breeding Station.

Unknown macaw – possibly a jandaya parakeet (Aratinga jandaya) but if so, very far from home as these live in NE Brazil.

Breakfast (the last of Rubén’s attempts to fatten me up), and I was back on the road. I did get to the Zanjón de Loreto, where among other things found a ‘macaw’ or similar that I was quite unable to identify. But it was cold, windy and overcast, and not really a day for photography, although under better circumstances this must be a good place for birds.

The improbable Jabiru on his nest

Natalia had told me yesterday of a place with an accessible (i.e. not viewed with bins from five miles) Jabiru nest so I drove around a bit till I eventually found it, and then said goodbye to Ituzaingó, a great place for wild life.

A monk parakeet – seemingly common in much of Argentina

As the weather was so unpromising for photography, and as I have to give a presentation at a Conference tomorrow I decided to drive straight through to Posadas and do a bit more work on it. I checked into a more upmarket hotel with good wifi and enjoyed being back in civilisation for a while.

So, this blog will now close and reopen when I hit the road again in a couple of days.

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