Task Force

Comment, order, modify,
Classify and justify,
Infer, predict, identify
All day long the teachers cry

Off we go then, up the stairs.
Move the chairs and get in pairs,
Stand up, wait, now turn around,
Hands on heads, and now sit down.

Head and shoulders, arms and knees,
Delete, complete, continue please,
Alter, argue, group discuss,
Left your homework on the bus ?

Here’s the question, where’s the answer?
Silent reading, info transfer,
First, last, compare, contrast,
Future, perfect, present, past,
Correct, deduce, select, produce,
Read the bit on language use.

Find, fill, replace, remove,
Make an effort, must improve,
True, false, right, wrong, no and yes,
Guess, success, don’t make a mess.

Describe, expand, insert, corrupt,
Explain again, don’t interrupt,
Read the fable, make a label,
Leave your homework on the table,
Write a story if you’re able.

Transform, translate,
Commentate and demonstrate,
Wait, narrate and don’t be late,
Recall, remove, rank, match, tell,
Wait for the bell, Oh, very well …

Goâiña, Brazil, 1996

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